Capital raising advisory & investment partnership firm for Web3

  • Find the right opportunity and connection with top-tier investors
  • Access world-class corporate finance expertise
  • Save valuable time and resources

Excellence. Trust. Partnership.

Years of combined experience
Corporate Finance deals
$20+ billion
Investor network


Background: World-leading investment banks, law firms and actively involved in blockchain associations

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Your go-to-partner for those who have and those who need funds

  • Founders have limited time, money and available world-class expertise for fundraising
  • Many Investors have limited knowledge, sourcing channels and connections for investment in digital assets and blockchain industry companies
  • There is an underserved need for professional advisory, clear insights and actionable connectivity in that space
  • Risk aversion prevails due to volatility and lack of real world use cases of many projects
Our Solutions
  • Capital raising advisory for founders
  • Investment deal-flow for investors
  • Actionable capital raising content and Founder-Investor connectivity platform
NodeGate Solutions

Partnerships & Memberships

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • NodeGate is a capital raising advisory and investment partnership firm operating in the web3, crypto, blockchain, and digital asset space, focusing on innovative projects and investment opportunities within the industry.
  • World-class corporate finance professional expertise, blockchain industry knowledge, actionable content, clear insights, good connections.
  • As your A to Z advisor or per specific modules for Founders, as your venture partner for Investors.

  • We operate like investment bankers do. As Founder you get advice, from strategy to preparation and investor outreach. As an investor, you get a venture partner that finds opportunities, makes due diligence, support you as industry expert.
  • We have worked on over $20 billion worth of completed corporate finance transactions. Our team brings significant experience from renowned global financial institutions, industry-leading startups, law firms, and blockchain foundations. We have over 25 years of combined experience, and over 1,000 investors in personal networks. On the back, we created and registered NodeGate in 2023.
  • Yes, if you have a proposal or inquiry, please reach out to us.
  • For details on any upcoming events, please stay tuned to our website and social media channels for announcements.