Capital Raising Advisory for Founders

Focus on your business and product, save time & resources, we'll handle the fundraising.

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1) All-in-one Solution

2) Modular Selection

Whether you prefer the all-in-one solution or the customization of individual modules, we have the right formula to cater to your preferences.

  • Strategy: timing, types of capital, types of investors, valuation
  • Preparation: pitch deck review, due diligence assessment, pitching coaching, business plan
  • Introduction: investor contacts lists, research and selection, tailored outreach script, project management

    All-in-one Capital Raising Advisory

    We don't play a simple finder role, rather provide a fulsome offering including advising on strategy, supporting preparation and introductions to investors.

    Combined package

    What's included

    • All modules

    • Client resources (fundraising intelligence)

    • Priority support

    • Access to private chat connect

    Minimum fee: CHF 12,000 - A minimum fee combining all modules is requested prior to the commencement of our collaboration.


    Success fee

    A percentage of total funds raised in the Series at completion

    Capital Raising Modules

    Choose from a menu which components suit your needs


    CHF 1,800

    Get the Strategy

    What's included

    • Market update
    • Timing
    • Type of capital
    • Type of investors
    • Valuation

    Pitch Deck Review

    CHF 2,700

    Get the Pitch Deck Review

    What's included

    • Pitch deck methodology
    • Outline definition
    • Content commentary
    • Review vs best-in-class experience
    • Drafting sessions

    Due Diligence Assessment

    CHF 3,900

    Get the Due Diligence Assessment

    What's included

    • Due diligence documents list
    • VDR review
    • Gap analysis
    • Key findings by area

    Pitching Coaching

    CHF 1,800

    Get the Pitching Coaching

    What's included

    • Script definition
    • Presentation training materials
    • Practice sessions

    Business Plan

    CHF 4,800

    Get the Business Plan

    What's included

    • Business plan methodology
    • Financial plan template
    • Contents and drivers definition
    • Drafting sessions
    • Output commentary



    Get the Introduction

    What's included

    • Access to investor contacts lists
    • Research and selection
    • Tailored outreach script creation
    • Project management support